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More than an Instructor - Nadia focus on the mental wellness of her riders and the soundness of their horses. Merging her passion for horses and psychology - she advocate healthy sport and mental wellness.



Our horse treats loved by even the most finicky eaters!


Equine thermography is a non-invasive and safe imaging tool that enables you to track recovery progress and detect  festering problems before signs of lameness.



Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a FDA-approved technology that stimulates blood circulation and removes lactic acid after exercise. It generates a safe, pulsing magnetic field to relieve pains and improve flexibility, suppleness and overall condition, helping your horse to feel relaxed and recharged after a one-hour session.


Dry cold paired with active compression and cold therapies helps to reduce pain and swelling, reduce muscle spasms, enhance lymphatic function, and encourage oxygenated blood flow – all to stimulate natural healing. Accelerating recovery time and reducing micro tears.



100% Hand made in France, Macel saddles are finely crafted, light and with a flexible tree to allow close contact with the horse.
Macel's wide range of saddles adapts to all morphologies (horse / rider) to provide the best pair’s comfort - equiping you and your equine partner to achieve the dream.

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I have had the privilege of having Nadia as my instructor over the last month. Although I have known Nadia for many years as we used to take lessons under the same instructor, I did not get the opportunity to be coached by her until I resumed riding recently, after an 8-month break.

What I appreciate about Nadia’s lessons is her ability to convey instructions in a clear, calm manner, and her keen eye for detail. Nadia is able to bring out the best in both horse and rider. Her background in horse biomechanics enables her to spot issues with the horse’s movements and recommend exercises that improve the horse. Often, the difference can be felt within the same lesson- the horse feels more responsive, lighter, and carries itself better. I have ridden the same horse with a different instructor and had a completely different experience- the horse’s issues (and rider’s as well) continued to surface throughout the lesson and I simply did not have the same sense of satisfaction that I have experienced while riding with Nadia.

As a rider who has experienced multiple serious accidents sustained while riding, I am working through my fears and the trauma that has resulted from being badly injured. Nadia’s background in counselling has been instrumental to my ability to resume riding with minimal fear after a long break. Her counselling skills and ability to understand the impact of trauma on my riding has made me feel safe enough to push my comfort zone and ride horses that I would ordinarily not dare to. Her technical skills and high degree of proficiency in dressage are evident in her ability to not only teach intermediate to advanced riders how to perform more complex dressage movements but to explain the purpose behind each movement as well. She is also observant of the rider’s body position and balance and its effect on the horse, offering useful ideas and techniques to help the rider improve.

I would highly recommend Nadia as an instructor to both beginner-level riders all the way to advanced riders preparing for competition. Being a former competitive rider who has represented Singapore in competitions such as the SEA games, Nadia knows first-hand what is required to gear up for competition and prepare mentally for each show. Her success as a coach is evident in her riders’ successes- from riders entering the showring for the first time to veteran competitors at the National Dressage Championship level- many have placed or exceeded their own expectations as to what they could achieve thanks to her coaching.

Denise L

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For the past year, I have engaged Nadia’s services to use the PEMF rug on a regular basis. My horse is a tense off-the-track thoroughbred and regular sessions with Nadia has helped greatly in maintaining the health and relaxation of his back muscles. I view it as an integral part of his regular maintenance programme, and it complements osteopathic sessions which he has on a less frequent basis. In addition to it being good for him, Black Jack loves his PEMF sessions and always goes into a deep state of relaxation during treatment. 

Additionally, when Black Jack sustained a severe foreleg injury, we did cryotherapy in the initial stages of recovery. Nadia was there every day to administer treatment, and it was effective in reducing the heat and swelling quickly, thus promoting healing.

On a whole, Nadia is always helpful in providing advice. She is professional and provides timely services, with enough flexibility to suit my needs and that of my horse.

Sam & Blackie

Home: Testimonial


Email us here! let us know if you have any questions about our services and products.  We are here to help you and your horse on your amazing and special journey. 

"In riding a horse we borrow freedom" - Helen Thomson


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