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Every rider knows what you feel vs what you see can be very different. Recording devices that help up your game have been popping all over, such as the PIXIO (please click here for the review) and PIVO are commonly seen.

Pivo is an interactive pod for smartphone photography and videography. There are two pods: Red and Silver. The Silver standard pod pack is priced at $219 USD approx $291.11 SGD, the Red standard pod pack costs $189 USD approx $251.23 SGD which is priced lower when compared to other similar devices in the market. The set comes with:

  1. Quick start guide

  2. Pivo Pod of your choice (red/silver)

  3. Tripod

  4. Adjustable mount

  5. Remote control

  6. Charging cable

The remote controls the shooting modes, speed, capture and rotation functions. The camera takes one hour to charge and can work for ten hours. It has 12 main features that include 1 multi live streaming mode, 2 auto follow modes, and 9 quick create modes.

(Silver standard pack pictured)

Now into using the Pivo Pod. It is easy to set up and use. Your phone and the pod will be connected by bluetooth via the free app - Pivo Pod. Remember to charge the pod before your set up for the initial charge which takes several hours. Once the app is downloaded you login and it asks to use Bluetooth once you accept that is when you can connect your pod to the app. The app guides you through the set up step by step - super helpful for technophobe. Once you are ready and connected you can pick your modes. The camera has multiple modes to choose from including auto follow mode which is good for recording a lesson, timelapse, motion timelapse, ect. We noticed if your phone is in a heavy duty case such as the Defender Otterbox - due to its weight, it affects the smoothness of the pod. The tripod is also incredibly lightweight - making it easy to carry around with you, the legs are also individually adjustable which makes angling the camera correctly much easier on uneven surface. An alternative to the tripod if you intend to place the Pivo Pod on the arena barriers

(Flexible tripod)

The flexible tripod is easy to find online, with a wide range of brands and prices available - you won't have a problem finding one that fits your budget. Do pay attention to the size of the thread - your Pivo requires a 1/4" thread.

After you set everything up and are mounted and ready to ride you can start. The remote you carry does not have a censor for the pod to follow which is a huge downside. Meaning it may get stuck on other horses in the ring, if this happens you will need to get in front of the Pivo for it to start tracking you again. You will get more out of it if you are the only horse in the area and for many of us is not possible. In the video below the pod was placed horizontally using movement tracking. Watching the grey horse we can see that it follows well but can get stuck behind you for a moment before it adjusts and tracks you in full view. To be noted the Pivo pod is not a tracking device it tracks motion.

As you can see in the video the horse goes out of frame a few times and it takes a moment for the pod to find you again. It is still very useful and tracks you for the most part but it may lose track of you. The color of your horse may have an effect on the tracking. As with most grey horses if it is very bright and sunny out the sun can cast down on you and white out your video or photo this can also happen with the pod. While riding a grey horse using the pod and a dark bay rides by there is a good chance it will pick up the dark bay and start tracking them as it is easier to see. If you are on a grey horse - bold saddle pads helps the tracking slightly. This a very valid reason to buy more saddlepads!

If you want to video chat while you ride you can do that too. Pivo Meet is an app you can download even if you don’t have the Pivo pod. Those with the Pivo Pod can use auto tracking features during the call. This means you can video call with a trainer anywhere in the world and you can be hands free. PIVO app has four different auto tracking modes, they include action tracking, face tracking, body tracking, and horse tracking. You can have a remote lesson without worrying you are out of frame.


  1. Connects through bluetooth

  2. Easy to set up

  3. It is compact

  4. Video call with tracking

  5. Works indoors and outdoors


  1. No tracker on remote

  2. Not ideal with other horses in the ring

  3. Average video quality

  4. Can be slow tracking

A Pivo hack we discovered to make carrying the remote easier - instead of slipping into your pocket where it can get damp and sweaty - re purpose the rubber silicon holders used for hand sanitizers! Volia! A Pivo remote holder that you can easily attach onto the D rings of your saddle or around the belt loop of riding pants!

Overall this is a good product for its price and abilities. The downside of this product is arena space. However if you are on a budget and you have the flexibility of area space the PIVO is a great piece of equipment to create content as it is incredibly mobile and relatively hassle free to set up.


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