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Passion for Horses

Perfect Stride was founded by Nadia with Crispy as her muse. Immersed in the horse world from a young age, Nadia has competed in South East Asia, Europe and UK and represented Singapore in regional games. 

Nadia is also a Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) certified Level 1 Coach and Level 1 Jumping Judge and up to BHS Stage 3 riding certified. To help owners and trainers manage their horses, Nadia is the first certified Thermographer in South East Asia and continues to collaborate with Vets and Coaches overseas. 

Nadia brings her experience as horse owner, competitor to source for the best tools you need. She is passionate about equine biomechanics and strives to assist owners enter and leave the arena on a sound horse.

A Food Technology graduate from the University of Reading, Nadia combines her passion for food and horses to create a nutritious irresistible nuggets for your horse!

Nadia is also an advocate for mental wellness - she holds a PG Dip in Psychology & Counselling. She hopes to help both horses and people reach their fullest potential.

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Warrior tried the PEMF blanket and really loved it! He was licking his lips, sleepy & relaxed most times. If I could afford more sessions, I'd do this on a weekly basis. Also love the Game Ready icing that he had regularly on his injured leg for a period of time - one can see the swelling going down immediately after each session. Nadia has been very consistent and careful with using these 2 therapies on him and always makes sure I get photo updates. :)


As a dressage rider, it is important for me to be able to to feel my horse's back movement when I'm riding. The Samba S dressage saddle lets me feel a lot and I can tell that my horse's back is moving and not stuck in tension. It took me a few rides to get used to this saddle because I'm used to the deep seat, large knee rolls -type of saddle. But I quickly got comfortable in it, and it even feel I sit straighter in this saddle compared to my old one.

I got a package from Nadia in the lead up to the Asian Games, when my gelding "Dancer" would get quite sore and stiff from the intense training. I felt that the activo rug sessions would take away all the ache built up from training and then standing in his stable afterwards. He felt renewed and supple after each session. Nadia tailored each session for what she felt would work best to alleviate soreness. I also appreciated the photos she sent me of Dancer yawning and licking his lips, which is further testimony to how much he enjoyed his PEMFsessions.

Roshni Selvam

Wow! Kooper went from not being sure about this massage blanket thing, to always whickering hello and chewing softly in anticipation of his sessions. A relaxed horse is a happy, willing dance partner! 10/10 will recommend.

Serena and Larkspur Patience aka Kooper

The Macel Saddle has made a huge difference to our horses and our riding. It is the most balanced saddle that allows us to stay centered and execute the task at hand. Our 3 horses love it! We cannot imagine sitting in any other saddle.

Perfect Stride handled our queries and fittings efficiently and professionally with deep understanding of the product to help us in our decision. 

Tiff, Rod & Tontin, Quifilio, Verdi

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