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Nadia adopts an extremely holistic and collaborative approach to Coaching, and focuses on the overall well-being of the horse and rider as a single unit. Nadia is a firm believer of equine biomechanics, where she incorporates science into her classical dressage routines.

Nadia's Psychology and Counselling PG-Dip governs her coaching style, she is able to communicate and empathies with her students - helping them build confidence and resilience. Nadia's number one priority is for her students to enter and leave the arena on a sound horse + a smile on their face.

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My initial impression of her was a passionate, knowledgeable and experienced rider and Coach. Additionally she is also really patient and determined which is really helpful.

I really enjoy our lessons as I am always learning new skills/techniques. This further fuels my passion as a horse rider because it makes me feel that my riding is constantly progressing.  In the short time I have been with Nadia, I can truly say I have learned more complicated and intricate skills on the few months I have been riding with her than the 2.5 years I spent at a different club. And as a result, I think my riding has improved a tenfold during this time.

It is a great experience due to her positive and ambitious attitude, punctuality and flexibility when catering to her different student’s goals and aspirations. She is also really easy to talk to, and gives really helpful pointers/advice for whatever you need.

The easy and relaxed communication she provides works to enhance the overall learning experience, and makes it that much more enjoyable.

The coaching style that is utilized is primarily visual descriptions that allows you to better understand how you should position yourself in order to execute a certain movement. This in turn, helps you improve your riding vastly as better technique allow you to move to higher levels in either jumping or dressage or whatever stream you might be competing in.

Sara N

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