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PEMF Therapy for Horses -A Comprehensive Guide

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is a safe and non-invasive way of treating different ailments in humans and animals. Electric current is converted into the magnetic field using a PEMF device. PEMF therapy has proven benefits for humans which we will explain in detail below. Not surprisingly, PEMF is now commonly used to help dogs, cats, and horses. PEMF therapy benefits by relieving pain, decreasing stress, and improving injuries.

Some veterinarians, horse owners, and therapists have already adopted this tool for treating animals, and many want to know about it. Here you will find a comprehensive guide to PEMF therapy for horses. It will cover basic PEMF functioning to evidence-based benefits of pulsed electromagnetic therapy.

What Is PEMF THERAPY And How A PEMF Device Works?

Did you ever encounter an X-ray machine, CT scan, or ultrasound? Most people know about these diagnostic tools. All these diagnostic equipment use some rays to get the internal picture of the body. In the same way, some rays are also being used for therapeutic purposes. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy works on a similar principle.

PEMF Therapy Device

PEMF device consists of a Regulator to which different applicators can be attached through wires. A PEMF apparatus is provided with full-body mats, localized applicators, and spot applicators.

The solid box-like regulator has electrical circuits to regulate the power of the live current. And applicators have the metallic coils insulated in plastic tubes.

When current is passed through the coil, a magnetic field is produced around the metallic coil. Current is generated in the form of pulses and so the magnetic field. This pulsating magnetic field is used for therapeutic purposes.

How PEMF Therapy Affects The Body?

Bryant A. Meyers- Author of “PEMF-The Fifth Element of Health,” states that Health is an energy dance; the more you have, the better you shall feel.

The cell membrane is the outermost layer of a cell. It selectively allows the nutrients, ions, and gasses to pass through it. Due to ionic differences across the cell membrane, it has a net negative charge. For nerve cells, it is approximately -60meq and varies for other cells. The charge across the cellular membrane is necessary to transfer the signals throughout the body. It means the electrical health of a cell is also essential, along with the provision of nutrients.

Many beneficial frequencies produced by the PEMF device interact with the cell to restore cellular voltage. By improving the cellular voltage, PEMF maintains the health and wellness of the cell. According to Bryant A. Meyers, Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy improves the circulation, hydration, and oxygenation of a cell. Increasing the production of ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate) also bolsters the cell's energy reserves.

Benefits of PEMF Therapy for Horses

A magnetic field is commonly used as a non-invasive treatment for a variety of horse ailments. These beneficial waves initiate many processes at the cellular level and significantly affect horses' performance and recovery. Some benefits which are produced as the result of PEMF therapy are here.

1-PEMF therapy improves blood circulation in horses

Blood is an important medium that transports nutrients, gasses, and wastes to and from the cells. To keep all these supplies at an optimum level, proper blood circulation is essential. PEMF helps to improve blood circulation and micro-circulation.

Cellular voltage and blood viscosity are essential factors to maintain a good blood flow. Dr. Otto Warburg, Noble prize Laureate, and an authority on cancer treatment Stated that the cellular voltage of unhealthy cells is lower than that of healthy cells.

When the blood cells have a low charge on them, they start stacking in blood vessels in the form of coins. It increases the viscosity of blood and lowers the speed of circulation.

Using PEMF therapy, blood cells are charged again to their normal level. Blood cell with sufficient charge repels other cells to avoid stack formation. It reduces the viscosity of cells and consequently improves the circulation process.

2-PEMF therapy prevents muscle soreness and pain

Performance horses go through intensive exercise and training sessions. This workout leads to fatigue, muscle soreness, and pain. Even horses with light work can also have painful musculoskeletal injuries.

To improve the performance of the horses, different strategies are used to increase their post-exercise recovery. PEMF can also be an effective and safe option for post-exercise recovery.

How does PEMF help the muscles repair? The process is simple. PEMF therapy improves the supply of oxygen to the muscle fibers. Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the energy creation of cells. When there is insufficient oxygen during demanding physical activity, cells start producing energy without using oxygen (Anaerobic Fermentation). As a result of this cellular fermentation, lactic acid produces as a by-product. Cramps, fatigue, and muscular pain during an endurance race result from this accumulated lactic acid.

By improving the oxygen uptake and initiating aerobic respiration (using oxygen), PEMF prevents muscle soreness and boosts post-exercise recovery.

3- PEMF therapy increase nutrient supply and detoxification

The supply of nutrients and removal of waste is also significant for health and wellness. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy also plays its part here by making the cell more porous.

Different channels are present in the cell membranes for the transportation of nutrients and cellular wastes. When PEMF is applied to a body part, it gently increases the number of pores in the cell membrane. Imagine the more windows and doors open in your house to improve its ventilation!

More pores increase the oxygen and nutrient supply to the cell and remove more cellular waste comparatively.

4-PEMF therapy improves the immunity

Dr. Otto Warburg, stated that when a cell operates at low pH, it leans more towards disease and cancer.

Cellular voltage and pH are related to each other. When a cell has an acidic environment (low pH), it lacks electrons to maintain the cellular voltage. So the cells operating in the acidic environment have abnormal charge at their cellular membranes.

Maintaining the cellular pH or voltage is necessary; otherwise, the cell will die. PEMF therapy improves the cellular voltage and keeps the cellular environment alkaline. It keeps the body systems in a balanced state and immune from disease.

Does PEMF therapy cause stress to horses?

No, PEMF therapy does not cause any stress to your horse. Even some equestrians use it as a warm-up session for their horse. You can ride your horse immediately before or after the PEMF therapy.

Behavioral signs like extreme yawns, licking and chewing, during a PEMF session showed that PEMF therapy reduces stress. Sometimes horses change their posture to place the applicator in the right place. It is an indicator of the parasympathetic nervous system engaged – telling the body to rest and repair.

PEMF therapy can treat these conditions in horses

  • Exercise stress and muscle soreness

  • Soft tissue injuries and micro-muscle injuries

  • Post-exercise recovery and muscle health

  • Soreness of the joints, neck, shoulder and limbs

  • Injury wounds and chronic non-healing wounds

  • Bone injuries and healing fractures

  • Laminitis, lameness, and Cushing disease

  • Tendon, ligament-tear pain

  • Mental health, Stress, and behavioral problems

  • Digestive and other systemic issues

  • Immunity-Associated diseases

PEMF therapy aids the inflammatory process in tissue regeneration and pain relief by improving blood circulation and increasing the oxygen supply. It could not be claimed that PEMF can heal large wounds and bone fractures on its own; however, it complements the healing process of different conditions.

How to incorporate PEMF in horse management? – message us, let us know how we can help You!

If you want to improve the lifestyle of your horse, PEMF therapy can help you. To incorporate PEMF in your horse management, it is advisable to seek professional therapist services. The equipment is not very difficult to use; however, knowing the equipment operation and exposure time for different body parts is necessary.

Some horses show significant improvement after their first PEMF therapy session. At the same time, some horses need 2 to 3 sessions to recover completely. It is always recommended to take the advice of experienced professionals accordingly.

At Perfect Stride, we have the largest customer data-base and experience when it comes to PEMF use and in combination with other therapies. Let us know if you would like to find out what you can do to help your horse recover and perform better.

Cautions and Contra-indications:

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can be used for different types of illnesses. However, it is contraindicated for pregnant mares and horses with implanted electronic devices.

PEMF is an innovative and non-medicinal therapeutic tool, helping many equestrians throughout the World. Perhaps, the most significant benefit of PEMF is that it does not have any side effects as in other modalities. It restores energy at the cellular level, improves circulation and nutrient supply. To enhance the lifestyle of your horse, use PEMF therapy and supercharge the health of your horse.

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